Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ann Arbor Birchlers Update

Jim - CCH named a Top 100 Hospital by Modern Healthcare. This award recognizes hospitals that have achieved excellence in clinical outcomes, patient safety, patient satisfaction, financial performance and operational efficiency. The winners were identified through an in-depth study by Thomson Reuters. The study evaluated 3000 short-term, acute care, non-federal hospitals in nine areas: mortality, medical complications, patient safety, average length of stay, expenses, profitability, cash-to-debt ratio, patient satisfaction and adherence to clinical standards of care.
The three legacy Hospitals of the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System - Ann Arbor, Saline and Livingston also received this award. Also named one of the Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare last fall.

And its all because of ME!

Ginny - Wrapping up another year with her handbell choirs. They've done some cool stuff this year - just played jointly with a choir at Dexter St. Joe's and participated in a joint concert with Gospel choir from a church from Detroit. Pretty cool juxtoposition of musical styles throughout the evening. And great to hear Catholics singin' Gospel!

Amanda - Working part-time for a family with two young children. Expects to have second part-time gig for the summer for two school-age girls. After a winter of extensive reading she is now reading less and watching more movies (her first love!). Also works part-time for the "rents" to pay the rent.

Justin - Accepted offer to attend Virginia Institute of Marine Science (part of William & Mary) to pursue a Masters in Physical Oceanography. Tuition is fully paid plus he'll get stipend for research work that will allow him to afford to do this. Turned down similar offer from Texas A & M.

Andrew - Will finish first year at MSU, but leaving after that as his interest in veterinary medicine has waned and he never really felt like MSU was the right fit for him. Will live with five high school friends on UM campus in the fall (sounds like fun, but they're all really serious students) and spend his time working and/or going to Washtenaw Community College. Hopes and expects to transfer to UM in the winter or the following fall and continue his studies in (animal) science, but perhaps more geared toward research or something.

Joey - His baseball team is undefeated and should compete for the State Championship. Played at MSU's stadium two weeks ago and often plays at EMU. Still a singing fanatic in his Madrigal choir and gets lots of solos.

Josh - Doing well in just about everything. He has beautiful form on violin and Ginny even taught him and Tony some Byrds and Hollies songs! Loves to sing in the elementary choir.

Tony - Now being home-schooled (since Easter). Loves it and is a much happier boy. 1st Communion very soon - you probably just received invites. Did NOT like the taste of wine when he sampled it a few weeks ago.

Thanks to Gretchen and Jason for hosting Joey, Amanda, Tony, and me in March (at their old place). We were in Chicago for Ginny's neice's Christening.

Jammin' 2N Fammin' is Friday. I hear one of the performers is 60!

see y'all


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