Sunday, March 21, 2010

More House Pictures

Hi Family,

Ask and you shall receive!  Here are some more pictures of our new house (I am mailing them to Grandma, so you don’t need to print this for her):

  • View from the street. It’s a corner lot.  Our address is on the east side of a NS street, corner is the SE corner of the intersection. Gets lots of light!
  • View from just through the front entryway through the living room and dining room.  Those hardwood floors were refinished just before the house went on the market – that’s why they’re gleaming!
  • In the dining room looking back at front entryway through living room.  BIG beautiful windows that face north. The doorway seen on the left leads to the den.
  • In the living room, looking at the dining room. Kitchen door is straight ahead, as are the stairs to second floor.  The hallway for the two first floor bedrooms and the first floor bath is just behind the wall on the right of this photo.
  • The den.  When you come in the front door and through the entryway, the den is to the right.  This will likely be our piano room / library.  It has a nice big, west facing window to the front porch (and the porch swing!).
  • Bedroom 1 - First floor, off the living room.  This will be our office space.
  • First floor bathroom.
  • Bedroom 2 – first floor, in the back.  This will be our Guest room.
  • Kitschy kitchen. We’ll be re-doing a lot of it.
  • More kitchen. There’s a pantry off to the right of that back door, and stairs to the basement just past the built on cabinet on the right.
  • Second floor, aka master bedroom plus space to grow.   See floorplan below… this “room” is the full length of the house, aka 69 + feet!
  • Zoomed in version of the above photo.
  • Second floor master bath.
  • Pulling back from the bedroom portion, the rest of the second floor. The bathroom is on the left, just past that wood panel vertical wall.
  • Basement, with interesting paint job!  We’re hoping to finish a large portion of the basement to make it our family room with our TV and games (and yes, eventually toys and things…).
  • Back of the house. Yard, side yard, deck, and there’s a driveway to the left, and an unseen garage too.
  • Floorplan – first floor.
  • Floorplan – second floor.

We are VERY excited!  Closing in a mere 10 days… then we’re having the upstairs hardwood floors refinished, and then we’re moving in on April 9th!  We’ll send an address update out once we officially have keys.

And yes!  We do have a guest room – with an adjacent bath – and yes you are welcome to come stay with us anytime you are in Chicago! (Ann Arbor Birchlers - we will have WAY more room at the new place - also, a driveway for you to park in!) 

Woo hoo!

Gretchen & Jason

Monday, March 08, 2010

Big News! Big News!


Jason and I are super excited to announce that we just bought our first house!

Here is a picture – ain’t she pretty?

3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2,000 sf not including the full unfinished basement.

We are closing on March 30th and moving on April 9th.

So happy!

Gretchen & Jason