Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Gretchen's News!

You may have already heard this via the family grapevine, but I thought I'd post and make it all official-like....

I QUIT MY JOB !!!!!!!!!!!

BECAUSE I GOT A NEW JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty darn excited - if you couldn't tell from my use of extreme exclamation marks!

I've been in consulting for 6 years now (yikes!) and am ready for something a little calmer with shorter hours, less travel, and more predictability. So, I'm going internal. IT, that is. I'm going to be a DMS Engineer at Sidley Austin. That's a big gigantic law firm - and the job description is working on the server software I am an expert in. It's a good fit. A headhunter found me on LinkedIN . . . that's how this all happened - crazy!

My last day at the current place is this Friday, February 6th -and my first day at the new place is February 16th. I'll have a week off between jobs. Whee!

It is a crazy time to be changing jobs... so keep your fingers crossed for me on that front... but I am still excited!


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