Monday, July 14, 2008

Essexville Birchler update

Looking forward to seeing most of you this weekend at Janine's graduation bash. We made a trip to California last month for a "Clauss" wedding celebration - Cathy and Bill's daughter Sarah married Charles Hastings. As you can see from the photo, even Nickolas was able to join us. We added a little mini-vacation after the weekend of festivities, enjoying a trip to the Monterey aquarium, the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and a trip to the big city for the young adults while "Mimi" and "Papa" babysat for Nickolas.
As for other news - Ellen has applied to return to school at ... MSU ... for her speech pathology degree. She's burned out on retail at Macy's in spite of the nice discounts. Brian has finished his degree and will be teaching at a Salt Lake City high school which is conveniently located four miles from his home. He will be teaching Algebra, a remedial Math "Lab" and a Pre-Calc class. Peter was made manager of his Troy store and is working harder than ever in addition to continuing to gig wherever and whenever. Ethel has accepted a position at our local ISD career center as instructor for the new PT/OT/Sports Medicine program beginning this fall. Keith continues to deal with a lot of stress at his office and gets occasional breaks gigging with Paisley Fogg. Looking forward to lots of updates on BirchTales!

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