Saturday, July 12, 2008

Birchtales Update!!!

Hi Family,

OK. So most of you are remiss in publishing to Birchtales. Shame on you! Are you are afraid of "it" (the technology that is)? Do you need help? Do you want to email your family update to me and I will post it for you? Let me know - we can have a training session at Janine's party! Complete with photos of family action as it occurs!

Also, I can alert you when someone publishes to the blog. This will be sort of like the updates Grandpa would send out. When someone publishes to Birchtales, you will get an email from my work email address. The email subject line will be "FW: [Birchtales] Subject of post" and the content will be the post. This way, you don't have to remember to go look at Birchtales all the time - since you will get a message when a new post is posted.

In fact, you are getting this message because I posted this on Birchtales! (If you want to be removed from the list, send me an email and let me know what email address you want me to

Love to you all - I hope to see most of you at Janine's party!


PS: Go post to Birchtales!

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