Sunday, July 27, 2008

John has become such a comedian in his less-old age!  I think the P-Fogg should audition him to see if he can hit all the notes in "Mr. Fantasy".  It's no longer easy at 58!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Janine Jam Pix

Might be time for a new Paisley Fogg singer if it pains David that much to hit the high notes!

Janine's graduation party

Hi, Family.
The photos tell the story - we all had fun!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Essexville Birchler update

Looking forward to seeing most of you this weekend at Janine's graduation bash. We made a trip to California last month for a "Clauss" wedding celebration - Cathy and Bill's daughter Sarah married Charles Hastings. As you can see from the photo, even Nickolas was able to join us. We added a little mini-vacation after the weekend of festivities, enjoying a trip to the Monterey aquarium, the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and a trip to the big city for the young adults while "Mimi" and "Papa" babysat for Nickolas.
As for other news - Ellen has applied to return to school at ... MSU ... for her speech pathology degree. She's burned out on retail at Macy's in spite of the nice discounts. Brian has finished his degree and will be teaching at a Salt Lake City high school which is conveniently located four miles from his home. He will be teaching Algebra, a remedial Math "Lab" and a Pre-Calc class. Peter was made manager of his Troy store and is working harder than ever in addition to continuing to gig wherever and whenever. Ethel has accepted a position at our local ISD career center as instructor for the new PT/OT/Sports Medicine program beginning this fall. Keith continues to deal with a lot of stress at his office and gets occasional breaks gigging with Paisley Fogg. Looking forward to lots of updates on BirchTales!

Plymouth Update

First.... again a big thanks to Gretchen for creating emails to let us know when someone posts. I think this will jump-start Birchtales to significant increased usage.

This is the week from hell. Laurie and Bryn are in St. Louis for the USSSA 11U fastpitch Central Region World Series. There are teams from 11 states, as far north as Michigan, as far south as Kentucky, and as far west as Oklahoma and Nebraska. Their games start July 15 and could go through Saturday. They will most likely be able to stop by St. Charles on the way home, either Friday or Saturday. A couple weeks ago, her team played "Where's Bryn" as she played every position except pitcher in one game.

Vaughn is playing in the USSSA 14U Regional World Series in Battle Creek. Lost today and play once tomorrow and at least once Wednesday. After that, they have to win to advance. The majority of teams are from Michigan. He has been playing 3rd base, SS, and 2nd base this season as they are missing one of their infielders due to injury. He'd like to play centerfield more, but he's need on the diamond. He's also the third string catcher.

Meanwhile, Zane leaves Wednesday for Angola, IN for a tournament with his 16U team. I have no idea who they are playing. We haven't seen a lot of his tournaments this summer. Unfortunately, he's not playing a lot. Not sure why, since in two of his last three at bats he has tripled off the wall at 375 feet and hit an inside the park home over the centerfielder's head to 380 feet. He pitches occasionally, using a sidearm motion that he developed with his coaches last winter. His ball moves a lot but he is still working on consistency.

Off to hockey - Zane plays on Mondays with the Canton High summer team. He'll be the main goalie this season as a senior since the other goalie from the last two years graduated. At least he can drive himself now as we bought a 2002 Subaru Forrester for a third car.

Looking forward to other family posts. I'll have more time to add other things later this week I hope.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Birchtales Update!!!

Hi Family,

OK. So most of you are remiss in publishing to Birchtales. Shame on you! Are you are afraid of "it" (the technology that is)? Do you need help? Do you want to email your family update to me and I will post it for you? Let me know - we can have a training session at Janine's party! Complete with photos of family action as it occurs!

Also, I can alert you when someone publishes to the blog. This will be sort of like the updates Grandpa would send out. When someone publishes to Birchtales, you will get an email from my work email address. The email subject line will be "FW: [Birchtales] Subject of post" and the content will be the post. This way, you don't have to remember to go look at Birchtales all the time - since you will get a message when a new post is posted.

In fact, you are getting this message because I posted this on Birchtales! (If you want to be removed from the list, send me an email and let me know what email address you want me to

Love to you all - I hope to see most of you at Janine's party!


PS: Go post to Birchtales!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Birchler Memory Lane

Hi Family,

I have been spending a lot of time recently in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa. So, I took a trip down a Birchler memory lane . . .

I started at 100th and Ruby

and saw THE house (the most favorite Birchler living abode of all time)

and also the famous BARN

I chatted with Grandma while I was there and so discovered Madison Elementary, where Carol went to kindergarden

And down the block, Divine Saviour . . . where none of the girls went (but Marion Street dead ends into DSHA . . . different spelling, but coinkydinky me thinks)

Then, a quick trip to Capitol and 92nd for St. Margaret Mary school

and church

I hope you've enjoyed this brief trip down memory lane ... I certainly enjoyed exploring the old haunt!

Grandma's 81st

This is a late posting, but I have a few good pictures from Babs and my visit for Grandma's 81st back in May. Yeah, May. This is late, I know.
Here are some lovely mini-calla lillies I found at Whole Foods, which are standing up thusly due to a cool flower holder thingy that Carol found. Gma said these lasted more than 2 weeks. Crazy.

And here's a picture of us three crazies. We spent a lot of time giggling on the visit, per usual.

And here's a picture of Nicholas! Gma babysat on the day Mom and I left, so we got to see Peter briefly and Nicholas a bit too.

Love to all,