Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our Day At The Races!

November 10, 2007, Churchill Downs, Louisville KY

The winning ticket!

MJ and Kathleen

Amanda and her "normal" hat

MJ's first bet of the day

And they're off!

The mother-daughter team goes to collect their winnings

C'mon you horse! Run!

Maura checks in with her bookie . . .

Babs waves one in

Margie, Babs, and Erin strategize

Kevin, Brigid, and Kathleen

Kathleen and Babs pick their horses

Ginny and Gretchen goof off.

The Wallace Women


It's crazy that these 2 aren't even related. They look so much alike!
(Stephanie and Kevin)

Aunt Mary chats with Elizabeth and Erin.

Goofy Girls Go Out

November 9, 2007

Bryn at Glassworks

Getting gifts and hanging out . . .

Bourbon. The greatest gift of all.
(This is the bottle MJ dipped herself, and we all signed)

Bryn catches me in the act . . .

Amanda looking beautiful at dinner . . .

Look out. This one's trouble . . .

And speaking of trouble . . . you can blame my silly faces on my genetics . . . it's "Nurture" . . .

I thought the fellow Birchler-schnozians would enjoy this one:

Mmmmm - dinner!

What a giggler!

By the way, Brigid suggested the dinner restaurant (which was Artimesia) and it was FABULOUS! Love that bourbon sauce! And the spaghetti squash! And I heard the chai ice cream was great . . .

Next pictures are with the "hearses" (that's KY for "horses") . . .


Saturday, November 10, 2007


November 9, 2007 - MJ makes a stop on the Bourbon Trail . . .

The girls listen attentively to the tour.

Laurie and Bryn check out the mash pits . . .

MJ and MC sample some mash . . .

Ginny cracks up MJ and Brigid:

MJ gets "labeled" . . .

Dolores, Carol, and Brigid discuss the three qualifications of a bourbon:

Bryn emulates MJ:

The Girls start to get Goofy . . .

and Goofier . . .

OK. So, yesterday's "favorite picture of MJ ever" just got trumped:

Like mother, like daughter . . .

More info on Maker's Mark - Bryn prepares for the quiz:


The dipping line . . .

Barrels and barrels of bourbon . . .

MJ, Babs, and Ginny with the bourbon barrels.

MJ prepares to dip her bottle:


Yeah! Dinner pics to follow (and today's day at the races!).