Friday, June 01, 2007

News from the Ann Arbor Birchlers

We had a nice visit w. Mom on Memorial Day - Jim bbqed steak-yum!

Things have been end-of-school-year crazy with concerts, parties, field trips, projects, banquets, etc. Our spring/summer sports overlap is almost over so we'll be down to 4 baseball (well, 3 bball and 1 tball) teams for the summer. Amanda and Justin have been home about a month - it's great having everyone in the house again. Our in-coming college kids transition is about complete - whew! There have only been two occasions when someone needed to get somewhere and there was no car in the driveway.

Brief family rundown:
Amanda: She had a good second year at CMU, will live in an apt. in the fall (she's shopping for a bedroom set - anyone got any spares?!). Taking 3 classes (accounting, english, psych) this summer so she can get done in 4 years, working part-time at a daycare. Her major is early childhood w. a business minor (that way she could run a daycare/preschool). It's good to have another girl in the house!
Justin: Had a great first year at Coastal; made the Dean List for the fall semester and the President's list (4.0) for Spring semester; enjoyed band, made good friends, loves the school/his program (marine science), is living in an apt. in the fall. Playing summer ball through parks and rec w. some HS friends, working part-time at Chelsea Hospital doing odd jobs for the Orthopedics Dept., umping bball for parks and rec.
Andrew: Finishing Sophomore year, played JV and Varsity Baseball this spring, bred his snakes (he still wants to be a herpatologist; has 6 pairs of snakes and several lizards) - 2 laid eggs (26), they are incubating and should hatch in July (anybody want a pet snake?). Yes, the snakes sometimes get loose - like yesterday; I was getting ready for bed and saw a long orange thing laying on the floor-it took a few seconds before it registered what it was. When I ran downstairs to tell Andrew, he casually replied, 'Oh, you found her...'. He'll play bball and ump this summer and is looking for a second job.
Joey: Was Confirmed in April, graduates from MS 6/11, has major 8th-grade-itis. School trips to Cedar Point and DC are next week and the week after. Finished MS track last week; had a great final meet - finished first in all 3 events and 1 of the relay teams he was on broke a school record. He's playing summer bball and going to Fr. Gabriel Richard HS in the fall where he wants to try football (grumble, grumble).

Josh: won the Ranger Rick photo contest with this picture which he took during our ice storm in January. His photo is in this month's edition of the magazine. He, Tony, Amanda and I explored the Fairy Doors in A2 (see for details) and did a few scavenger hunts through the A2 book festival (won cool prizes). Josh finishes soccer tomorrow and has his first t-ball game of the season(Tony, too) next week.

Tony: quite the sports fanatic - he can name every NBA team (and NFL), many of their home arenas & players, and can read stats. He spent the basketball season going to every morning, checking out the standings, linking to team websites and dressing as specific players - that look like him, white skin and dark hair (photo: Tony as the New Orleans Hornet's Peja Stojakovik complete w. beard). He's been following the Play-Offs, after that comes MLB...He's FINALLY old enough to play on a real team - t-ball starts next week (he's been counting the days). He can't wait to start Kindergarten in the fall.

I had about the best Mother's Day ever after I went back to bed (when Josh woke up and saw I was downstairs already he ran to Amanda and cried 'Mom ruined Mother's Day')-breakfast in bed (eaten by Josh and Tony-hello crumbs), brunch w. waffles/pancakes w. whipped cream and strawberries, eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, grilled steak dinner, cool pampering - it was great.
Why can't every day be like that?

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