Saturday, March 03, 2007

Essexville Reports
Last weekend Peter got to introduce Nickolas to Great Grandma Birchler. Keith met Nick's mom Amanda in Lansing on Saturday afternoon to pick the little man up and travel to B'ham. There we met up with Peter (who was working at Marshall Music all day) and crashed the birthday party underway for Tom and Stephanie. Great Aunt Terry made the most of her time with new Grand nephew Nickolas. Unfortunately Grandpa Keith wasn't together enough to get his camera out Saturday night. We all had a great birthday dinner topped off by graham cracker pie! Markie had fun pulling every available toy out of the toy chests in the rec room and I had fun playing legos with him and teaching him structural integrity(he got the word if not the concept).
Peter and Keith and Nickolas spent Saturday night with Great Grandma (Ethel and Ellen were in Washington D.C. visiting Ethel's sister beth and Ellen's best friend Katie). Nick didn't like the crib much and fought going to sleep but we did OK. On Sunday David and Dale visited and Dale presented
Grandpa Keith with a great story book for he and Grandma Ethel to read to their grandson. Later Margie, George, Claire and Leah stopped to meet Nickolas. Claire especially warmed up to her 1st cousin once removed and wants to be his babysitter. Great grandma of course couldn't get enough of her new descendant and was very sad when he left. She did get extra time though because the weather turned foul and Amanda told us to keep him until Monday morning. I didn't have to be in court Monday so I took him home Monday morning after Peter went to work. Below are some photos from the weekend.

Margie took this picture of four generations:

Great Grandma with Nick:

Father and son:
Remarkably Amanda was agreeable to sending us Nickolas two weekends in a row so Ethel and Ellen again met Amanda in Lansing Friday March 2d and we are enjoying our grandson all weekend. His Daddy is gigging tonight in Lansing to earn $ for diapers and formula but he was here with us today and will be back tonight and be here all day tomorrow. Peter is a very attentive Daddy. After seeing him with Nick last weekend Great Uncle Tom said to me "Peter is in love!"
Here are some pix of Nick today.

Ellen has some more photos she took today. Maybe I'll try to get her to do her own Birchtales entry with her pictures. Thanks for letting me be a proud Grandpa. And happy belated birthdays to Tom and Carol!


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