Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Christmas Warning

The Spirits of Christmas, Chloe and Gibson, are prepared to lay waste to St. Charles, Illinois. Examples of their destructive powers can be seen at:


Notice the force of the wind created by Hurricane Gibson:
(And with a mere pair of pants, mind you...)

With fury and determination this storm will be upon you before you know it (with sprinting speed far surpassing most 16 month olds...):

Baracades will not work against this storm's fury, as it has been known to climb them with ease:

The only real hope any of us has is if Chole can contain Gibson in some sort of inflateable prison:

And even then, he will only pause for long enough to figure out how to tip it over:
(yes, he is inside tipping and Chloe is trying to hold it upright...)

Its amazing we can make it look like he sits still for a moment here and there:
(Modern photographic equipment is amazing...)

See you Thursday,


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