Monday, November 06, 2006

Uncle Keith checks in

Greetings from Bay City

Thanks to Gretchen for putting this together and tutoring us on its use.

Last night I had a nice dinner at Bennigans in Mt. Pleasant w/ Amanda followed by a concert at the music school by the Jazz Lab I band which played "Hey That's My Bike" among other notable big band jazz numbers. While at Bennigans we disovered Uncle Buddy's perfect meal-Guiness glazed steak (or chicken, salmon or shrimp :) Mike made the mistake of going home this weekend so he missed out on the jazz concert and more importantly Uncle Keith's dinner treat, but I gave him a raincheck.

Ethel is coming home today from a visit to her dad in Albuquerque. While she was gone Radar and I made a trip to the cottage Saturday to clean up the yard. Gretchen, Paul, Barbara if any of you ever feel like coming for a visit to the cottage it is about 6 hrs from Chi-town and would be a fun way to visit. I think you (and Craig's family) are about the only family members who have never been to Shores Sweet.

I am keeping the grass well trimmed on the football field in preparation for the Thanksgiving Day game in Essexville. Vaughan be sure to bring the football because I don't know if my OJ Simpson signature model still holds air!

The Paisley Fogg is still croaking out its age old (I mean timeless) music. We played in beautiful Fremont MI, home of Gerber Baby Food a few weeks ago. Maybe when I figure out how I'll post a photo of the gig.

The law biz is still reasonably good to me although my interest flags from time to time. Craig recently helped me a great deal on a common carrier damage claim which is something he is an expert in and I'd never been presented with before.

I'll let my children post their own updates to let us all know what they are doing.

Uncle Keith

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