Saturday, November 11, 2006

Totally Out of It AKA Out of It...Totally!

Hello Family!

There isn't much news here because all I do is work. Lost my construction coordinator August 1 and have been leading Saturday work teams at Habitat houses where I know enough to organize the site. Six day weeks do not agree with me, but I have met a lot of very nice people giving of their time on the sites. Hired a new guy a week ago but I am continuing with 3 sites that are near final inspection so he can concentrate on 3 others - one is a foundation, one is framed but not enclosed, one is at mechanical inspection. Two others are being built by local high school building and trades classes - that is mostly a stop by and see how they are doing situation.

I can't wait until things are back to "normal".

Rich is practically as nutty with his plastering business as I am with Habitat. It is a rush against the cold temperatures for him.

For Thanksgiving we are hosting any and all in the Chicago area. Rich's daughter, Lauren, will be visiting for a week during that time. We hope all who join us will try their luck at our new poker table!

(Thank you, Gretchen, for teaching me how to blog and bringing some of us into the 21st Century - at least when we can remember our sign-on information!)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Gretchen said...

Good job Mommy!