Monday, November 13, 2006

Plymouth Update

Greetings from Plymouth!

Hockey is in full swing and we hope to squeeze in some family time when we visit a rink near you.
This weekend, Mom (Grandma) came to see Vaughn's team play at the Bloomfield Hills rink. A disappointing tie, 2-2 but fun none the less. She declined the opportunity to follow us to Oak Park where my team played; we managed a 3-1 win.

Vaughn's team, the Canton Crush, is doing quite well. You can follow their ratings at this link. He is Mr. Versatility and plays wing, defense and occasionally center. A recent growth spurt added a couple inches but no weight. Ask to see his rock hard abs. Another inch and he will pass me up. School is going well and he plans to try out for basketball this year. His team will travel to Indy right after the New Year so we'll get to visit Craig and Jeanne.

Bryn is still playing hockey "with the boys." She's a great defenseman --a regular Nicklas Lindstrom in pigtails. She just finished soccer, to John's great relief. Although hockey is more expensive, it's indoors with bathrooms and snack shops and you don't have to bring a chair. Bryn is really enjoying 5th grade and is having great success in the classroom. She also has experienced a recent growth spurt and is a whopping 4 ft. 7 inches--average at last. Her team will be in Chicago for a tournament January 12-14.

Zane is a sophomore at Canton High School and gainfully employeed at Busch's markets, the same grocery chain that Mike used to work at. He took driver's ed and is now logging his student hours. Zane made the Canton varsity hockey team as a goalie and is still in the clouds about it. Zane started the first scrimmage game and there is hope that he will actually see some game action. It really pyschs out the other team to see a 6' 2" goalie in net. Unfortunately, he's the biggest kid on a very young team. I told him I hope he likes seeing his name in the paper, followed by "gave up 7 goals on 60 shots in Canton's loss." He reports that school is going well, although that has yet to be independently verified. Report cards come home this week.

John is now President of Kiwanis. I'll let him tell you more about that when he figures out how to blog. It does keep him very busy. His work at Edward Jones is going well enough to have won a family trip to Disney World in March. We have never been and are really looking forward to it. The kids are very happy that our hotel is right by the ESPN place. John was diagnosed with asthma, although it doesn't seem to be as chronic as with the boys, it does flare up from time to time. He is the official National Anthem Singer of the Canton High School Varsity Hockey Team.

I'm enjoying my 15 minutes of local fame. I have been in the news a bit lately and am very amused by it. I was featured in Detroit Free Press local section article in August, then a front page article in the Canton Observer on library technology had my picture and many quotes, then the Plymouth Observer featured my World Series Commissioner's Trophy, made from a garbage can lid and other items. I managed to get to one of the Detroit Tigers ALCS games with my brother and got tickets (the legal way) to World Series game 1 at Comerica Park with John and my brother. Soccer season is over for me also but hockey is going great and we are having lots of fun.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving in Essexville (Vaughn especially) and will bring Zane's new football. Also planning for Christmas in Chicago, but only if all the mono has cleared up! Hang in there Carol.

Thanks to Gretchen for reviving interest and her patience with the techno-challenged.

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