Sunday, November 05, 2006

News from the AA Birchlers

There is nothing extraordinary happening in our house, but I can report the boring truth! We hosted 10 at our house this weekend. My sister, Chris, from Indiana, plus hubby & 6 kids came in. Another couple (friends of theirs) came, too. The 4 Indiana adults went to the UM/Ball State game (my sister and her friend went to Ball State) while we watched kids (w/ grandparental help). A great time was had by all!

Amanda is doing fine in school - and she is not having roomate issues this year - YEA! She came home this weekend (with loads of laundry, of course, and left w. lots of provisions, of course!). We were glad to see her. She is hoping to study abroad next year & is working on the details for that.

Justin is doing well at Coastal. He is having a great time in marching band. He has a nice group of friends and is doing well academically. He played intramural football this fall. Jim and I visited in Oct.; we had a great time - saw him march during a football game (that was cool!), and hung out and watched the Tigers beat Oakland (we won't talk about what happened after that!).

Andrew, soph. @ Fr. Gabriel Richard HS, recently finished his cross country season; not his best year (rebounding from an injury last spring), but he enjoyed it. Drew is still the reptile man. He currently has 10 snakes and 7 (I think) lizards. He's holding his adult male corn snake in the photo above. He is going to breed his 2 adults this spring; he has started the process of bromiating them (snake hibernation) . They will hibernate for 2-3 months, then breed. If all goes well, he'll have eggs about 10 days later and baby snakes a few months after that. If any of you want to give a snake a home next fall, let Andrew know!

Joey (Gr. 8) has had a busy fall. He ran CC for his MS, and did ok. He played flag football for school; they were undefeated. He is preparing for Confirmation (this April), and is filling out his application for FGRHS - almost as involved as a college app. In addition to Joey having to fill out 5 short essay questions, the app. has a parent section that has 3 essay questions, including writing a letter of rec. for Joey. Basketball is next on the athletic agenda.

Josh (K) finished his first rec. soccer season this weekend. The team was undefeated - mostly because Josh and another kid on the team (also 6 years old) bowled kids over as they ran the ball down the field to score! He is still into animals big time. He currently wants to be a veterinarian, live on a small farm and own horses, and train killer whales part-time! He asked if he could visit a veterinary hospital sometime to see what the Docs do to take care of the dogs....

Tony (preschool) is looking forward to the day when he can play soccer, too.
He's doing typical preschool things, is very interested in learning to read, and has been dressed in his Lions football uniform constantly this fall (he doesn't know enough to be embarrassed!)

Things have been hopping at the hospital for Jim of late. He's playing in our parish men's basketball league.

I lost all my drivers this year, so I'm back to being the taxi mom - that has been a major drag! Andrew turns 16 in January so, if he gets his license, that will help, but he can't get a school parking permit until next year, so I'll still need to do the daily post-athletic practice pick up during rush hour for the remainder of the year...sigh.

There you have it - the boring truth ; maybe next time I can get Jim to blog - he can breath more life into the boring truth.

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