Sunday, November 19, 2006

John enters the 21st century

Since Laurie just posted, I won't get into too much. Yes, as President of the Kiwanis Club of Colonial Plymouth I am even busier than I have been in the past. Our club has 92 members and does a lot locally, as well as supporting an organization called Kids Against Hunger. We help set up sessions where groups (usually kids, like school groups) package a nutritious mix of rice, soy, chicken powder, and vegetables that is sent to various parts of the world to aid starving children and adults. Over the past year and a half, we have packaged over 300,000 meals. It's the best project we've been involved with in my 10 years in the club.

Work is going quite well, though I am still in the growth stage of my business and not yet where I want to be. I have a new assistant (we call them Branch Office Administrators, or BOAs) named Kathy who is going to be fabulous as she gets more experience. I am already in a much better frame of mind than with my prior BOA, who caused me a lot of stress. The referral network worked well on this one. Kathy was Laurie's dad's assistant for 10 years at FTD.

Quick update on Zane. Played his first official varsity hockey game last night. Lost 6-2 to Chelsea. He played the whole game and made 57 saves. Yes, you read that right - 57 saves out of 63 shots, a .905 save percentage which is quite good. He was very busy. For those of you who don't know hockey too well, that's about twice as many shots as a goalie would normally face in a game. We are very proud of him.

My inquiries to join the Paisley Fogg have not lead to anything as of yet, so I started singing on a part-time basis with the OLGC choir. After 16 years of being a cantor and many times being asked, I guess it was time.

I will try to check Birchtales regularly, but what would really be neat would be an automatic email notifcation that goes out when someone posts. Is that possible, Gretchen?


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