Monday, November 13, 2006

Family Photos

Some family photos from the annual pre-Christmas Helmreich photo shoot are posted at:

It has gotten a little harder to set up the background, lights, operate the camera, and convince two very mobile children to cooperate, but we still got a few decent shots. (And some funny ones when Chloe and I took our own picture while messing with the remote trigger...)

Not much new in Indianapolis. Chloe has become quite the big sister, taking care of her little brother at all times. Gibson is getting quite good a throwing things - the larger the better. Jeanne and I are becoming quite tallented at prying Chloe off Gibson - "No, you can not carry your brother to the car," and I continue to run regularly (mostly to make sure I am fast enough to catch Gibson.)

Our new house has a basement at this point and framing begins this week. People continue to look at our current house, but no real action in the first 45 days on the market (except the ten showings). Thank goodness we have a guaranteed buyout from the builder if the current house does not sell.

We plan on being in Joliet on Thanksgiving and St. Charles for Christmas. We are looking forward to seeing everyone during the holidays.

P.S. If anyone is in the mood for Christmas music already, check out Aimee Mann's new album of ten standards called "Another Drifter in the Snow" its amazing.

Now how do I get spell check to work on this post???


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