Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Mary Jane!

Hey, today's Mom's birthday so don't forget to give her a call and send on birthday wishes.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Plymouth Birchlers

We here in Plymouth are not technologically challenged, just insufficiently equipped. Well, at least some of us. Getting signed up was not a problem but it becomes more and more obvious that a computer upgrade is not only wanted, but desperately needed.

I've been reading over the blog and wondered what happened to the lovely family that Craig has. A brief mention of a wife and some Kenyans but I remember seeing a beautiful daughter and hearing a rumor about a son. Maybe he could fill us in on them.

Things in Plymouth are very busy. April, May and June span three sports season, wreaking utter havoc on the calendar. Zane is on the freshman baseball team. I think. They dress up in uniforms but never play games because of the weather. I guess that's still a team, even if you don't actually play the games. When they do play, he does quite well and his strong arm has been put to the test on the mound and at third base. He's been hitting the crap out of the ball too.

Vaughn is playing baseball on the Cardinals and hockey on the Crush. Spring hockey is pretty relaxed so he can usually manage to fit in both sports. He prefers hockey, mostly because there's more action and you get to move around a lot. If you aren't involved in the play, you just skate over to where the play is happening and, viola! you're involved. They frown on that in baseball. Vaughn is our resident cool guy and keeps us up to date on what's happening in pop culture. Or at least on TRL.

Bryn is playing hockey, soccer and softball. Hockey, she plays defense, still on a co-ed team (more ed than co) and in soccer she plays forward. She scored two goals in their last game. The kid has some wheels. Softball has just started but she's glad to be on the Tigers with several close school friends. It looks to be a fun season.

I'm playing hockey in a co-ed league. Each team has at least 1 woman, maxed out at 2. Or the genetic equivalent thereof. I've figured out how to move a 220-lb guy out of the crease. Now I just have to figure out how to keep him from falling on me. Soccer starts in a month--a woman's over 30 league. Really, an over 40 league would be better fit for our team so we just make sure that we have beer, Advil and ice packs after every game and we're fine. In two seasons, we've score a total of about 5 goals. I figure I should get the mileage out of my first knee--it's that rust out/wear out thing. The job at the library is going pretty well. Beats a 45 minute commute and 70 hour work week at Campbell-Ewald, although I do miss the creative stuff.

John is doing well. His business has really picked up lately, his assistant moved on to another office and he has hired a new one. She survived the first week without difficulty. His Kiwanian activities take up a good portion of his time as he is the VP and in charge of fundraisers. Next year he will be president. We are all going to the Kiwanis convention in Montreal at the end of June. He continues his role as Chief Spectactor and Ice Bill Payer for the family, a job that is very much appreciated by the rest of us.

Gordie is also doing well. John will be appalled that I've blogged about the dog but if he could figure this blog stuff out, he could comment. At the vet on Wednesday he weighed 84 pounds (Gordie, not John). He's big and hairy and slobbers a lot, just like he's supposed to (again, Gordie, not John) and we love him (we love John, too).

I look forward to more Birchler blog posts and will try to post more frequently with less volume. Thanks for your patience on this long one.

Technologically Challenged

Hi All, Here is my first posting. We'll see if I can figure out how to get back in for a future posting.

The Adams family is busy. Lots of chasing since Leah has mastered walking (can even do the sloped driveway now). It is spring, but Clare still can not understand why she can't swim in lakes yet (she keeps asking every time she passes one). We will be traveling to New Hampshire/New Jersey in mid-June to visit friends/college roommate/cousin.

The kitchen countertops are ordered, they finally found a distributor with our color of counter - so the installer's goal is to have the counters ready to install by June 1st. Yeah!