Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So this was a new one . . .

So, last night I had an unusual experience . . .

(I promise to keep this post in the realm of the readable for length! Ahem Craiggo!)

I was at a Barrel of Monkeys benefit, (Monkey-O-Kee = bar, karaoke, fundraising) and I was talking to a group of people. Suddenly, my eye didn't feel quite right. It was dry and itchy and felt like something had gotten in it. So, I went to the restroom and flushed it out and returned to my conversation.

But it wasn't feeling any better, so I went outside, thinking that all the cigarette smoke wasn't helping. But it was feeling worse.

So, I took a return trip to the restroom, and took a look . . . and lo and behold the area under my eye was thrice its normal size!

Suffice it to say that after several Benedryl, 4 ice packs, and a rendition of "Summer Lovin'" duetted with my boss . . . the swelling had lessened.

The Theory: There were bowls of nuts on the bar. Someone in the group I was conversing with must have been eating those nuts. That person must have been a spit talker. Said spit must have made direct contact with my eye.

Meanwhile, 24 hours later, the eye is STILL not down to it's normal size and it's quite bloodshot. Oh yeah. It's hot.

Andrew, take note! In my 29 years with this food allergy, that was a new one!

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