Thursday, March 30, 2006

Comments from Ann Arbor

Proms - yeah! Races - Yeah! Allergies - BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Our lives are much more uneventful. Quick rundown:
Jim - played 2 basketball games last night and gets sent back to preschool for 'Fishing with Fathers" with Josh tomorrow
Ginny - still doing the mom/cantor/handbell director thing-lots going on @ church w/ Holy Week coming up. Currently working on Justin's T-shirt quilt for graduation
Amanda - almost done w/ year 1 of college; deciding whether to transfer to a different school and what summer plans will be (work/school combo is the current favorite)
Justin - school band went to band festival competition and scored a I (highest rating); he was in a clarinet quartet that went to district solo and ensemble festival and scored a I, then to state S&E and scored a I. Remember I mentioned the music dept. at his school was named best in the nation by the Grammy Foundation? There will be a special concert on Tuesday, May 30, at Hill Auditorium where the school ensembles will perform and be presented their award by representatives from the Foundation. It's free and open to the public so if anyone wants to hike on over, you're more than welcome; we'll even spring for coffee and dessert afterward! Speaking of May, another fun day looms for us: Justin's final band performance of his high school career and his senior prom are on the same day- the same day as my sister's wedding! - that'll be a fun one! We're heading down to SC over spring break for college orientation.
Drew - driving! - need I say more??? He made JV baseball and having fun. So far the team is 1-0-1. His band went to the band festival, too, and scored a II - the best his school has ever done - they were ecstatic!
Joey - Doing better grasping his first year with 9 different teachers. Spring school band concert went fine. He'll be doing track and baseball this spring
Josh - reading! My first experience with a reading preschooler - fun! He's starting to read signs we drive by - the first time he did it I thought it was a fluke!
Tony - reading by imitation - very convincing:)!

Jim told me my last entry was weak, and I'm not sure this was much better, but that's where we're at in A2!

Love to all.

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