Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another One . . .

So this week was a good one for allergic reactions for Gretchen!

On Friday, I went to lunch with co-workers - Indian food. Called the restaurant ahead of time to make sure I could eat there. Spoke with the server. It was a buffet and he told me there were 2 dishes on it I could not eat. So I picked other stuff, had one bite. Waiter came back and said, oh yeah, you also can't have these 3 other things. Too late. I had tasted one of those on a fork already - it was already in me.

Took some benedryl. Dealt with the mouth hives and esophagus stabs. Left the restaurant, went back to the office to chill out for a bit. Mouth hives were getting better, but then I was suddenly hot from head to toe . Went to the restroom- yep, head to toe hives. Also, what joy, my eyes were swelling up and so were my lips and ears (anyone seen "Hitch"?).

So, took a trip to the ER. Got pumped with the drugs. Called Paul and he came down with Iram. Jason left the airport where he was about to board a flight and came down. We had a little party in the ER for a few hours.

So I'm better today - still on a lot of medicine. They make you stay on it for 4 days. Apparently that's how long it takes to get the stuff all the way out of your system - and since the reaction was so severe, it can recur even 2 or 3 days later. So the meds are making that not happen. Prednazone, Benedryl, and Pepcid.

Yeah. It was awesome.

So today, I called the restaurant to see what it was that I ate. The reaction was so bad, I figured it had to be peanuts. I have not had a peanut or peanut substance since I was 2. And that's my worst one, so I figured it had to have been peanut oil in the thing I ate.

Nope. Spinach, mushrooms, cream, and CASHEW nut paste for flavor. Cashews?? You bastards!

If it was that bad for cashews, I'm really glad it wasn't peanut oil!

So, I'm trying to get in to an allergist on Monday or Tuesday to get retested. I'm a bit freaked out because I'm leaving the country on Thursday to go to Mexico and I've had two allergic reactions this week, so now I'm even more sensitive than usual, so that could suck. My friend Cesar who is from Mexico is going to translate some stuff for me so I can communicate that peanuts/nuts are not good for me. He also filled me in on the mole sauce - apparently mole sauce in Mexico is made with almonds . . . good to know.

That's the story. Gotta find an allergist in my plan now . . . frickin' cashews.


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